Enigma Trading 2000’s brands

Our company owns and manages multiple household products brands, each one targeting a different market segment.

Personal Consumers 

Based on the consumer’s personality characteristics,  our company is running 2 different brands offering the same type of products but each with a different quality/price ratio. The brands EPACK® and ROPACK®.


The premium brand EPACK®, our company’s main brand, has the largest variety of products.

EPACK® is a brand focused on quality. Some of the products with the EPACK® logo: bags on roll, trash bags (kitchen bags), aluminium foil and cling film, baking paper, dishwashing sponges, all-purpose cloth, sponge cloth, disposable items and other household items.

For more details about EPACK®, please visit https://epack.ro


The ROPACK® brand offers household bags, aluminum and stretch food foils, dishwashers, wet and dry cloths, household items, all at the lowest price.

To be able to offer the lowest price without compromising on quality,ROPACK® products were designed to be simple, without unnecessary elements and with  unpretentious packaging.

For more details about ROPACK®, please visit https://ropack.ro

For the professionals 


The MADERO® brand is aimed at professionals working in the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering) and Cleaning industries.

The MADERO® products, such as paper towels, trash bags, sponge cloths and microfiber cloths, cling film and aluminum food foil, rubber gloves and others are durable, with simple packaging and offers the best value for money.

For more details about MADERO®, please visit https://madero.ro


SPOTEX®, the newest brand in our portfolio, means the highest quality and innovative cleaning products. SPOTEX – COLOR STOP TM  protects the laundry by absorbing the dirt and the color resulting from washing the laundry in the washing machine.

For more details about SPOTEX®, please visit https://spotex.ro