Optimistic and energetic by nature, we are dedicated to bringing the best cleaning solutions through innovation, design and performance. We strongly believe in integrity, responsibility and creativity! We are Enigma Trading 2000.

Our Brands

To find out more about our brands and products, please visit our brand’s websites, by clicking the logos below.

Our products

Our products, with the Epack, Madero, Spotex and RoPack brands, are household products of general use like Cloths, Sponges, Scourers, Trash Bags, Protection Gloves, Cling Film & Baking Paper, Bags, Paper Rolls, Tissues, Detergents, Toothpicks and others.

Food bags Epack
Food bags
Food bags, bags on roll, freezer bags, ziplock

Trash Bags Funny Bunny Epack
Trash Bags
Garbage bags, virgin or recycled, LDPE or HDPE

Films & Foils Epack
Films, Foils, Baking Paper
Aluminium foil and cling film, baking paper, coffee filters

Dishwashing sponges Epack
Sponges & Cloths
Dishwashing sponges, microfiber cloth, wet cloth

Disposable items
Disposable items
Disposable gloves, paper towels, toothpicks, tableware, cutlery

Household items Epack
Household items
Household gloves, Super Wipes, metal scourers

Under certain circumstances, we can provide our products with the Private Label (PVL).